Strategic session of the "Penki kontinentai" group of companies: exchange of experience and plans for further development

Published: 9 February 2024 y., Friday

Penki Kontinentai Group employees attended the annual strategy session held in Vilnius from January 22nd to 26th, 2024. Specialists from BS/2, ASHBURN International, and PKKC, along with key members from BS/2’s subsidiaries in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Latvia, and Estonia, participated in the forum in Lithuania.

Presenters and participants discussed professional topics during the session. There were over 20 reports covering various aspects of Penki Kontinentai Group’s activities. This event focused on banking software implementations. Technical specialists participated in practical seminars and received certificates.

Organizers arranged live broadcasting of the strategy session. Over 80 employees of the group of companies attended the conference in Vilnius, and at least 250 people participated online each day.

"This year’s strategy session was attended not only by managers but also by key employees who were not present at previous events. Each of them has contributed significantly to the development of the company, and today they are eager to share what they have learned. It was good that we had a free dialogue during the discussion. Participants were able to express their opinions on projects, approaches, or processes, as well as receive recommendations and apply them in a variety of ways. Thanks to all the participants for giving very interesting presentations at the forum"- Idrakas Dadašovas, Penki Kontinentai Chairman of the Board thanked.

"We aim to gain a better understanding of what companies stand for, what their aspirations are, and how they view the future through networking. The participants organized themselves into groups. Latvia discussed counting and sorting equipment with Azerbaijan. Specialists from Georgia and Kazakhstan exchanged experience in the area of acquiring because both countries were interested in learning from one another. BS/2 also has many new employees who have recently joined the team. The session was a great opportunity to introduce them and bring them up to speed"- Kirill Ovsiannikov, BS/2 Deputy General Director for Strategic Development said.

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